Monday, February 28, 2011

Overhead Launching Gantry

Any sane person would avoid it, but I now love driving through the construction-jammed thicket of traffic around Tyson's Corner, Virginia, a suburban mall sprawl between Dulles airport and Washington DC. I love it because they are constructing an overhead train line to the airport, and when it is done, I will be rich from all the $80 cab rides I won't have to take. And also, they are constructing this line using three overhead launching gantries, which are just awesome to watch.

A launching gantry is also called a lifting gantry or a truss. I believe they are being operated by Rizzani de Eccher, the Italian bridge construction specialists. They are self-propelled, weigh 365 tons, and they suspend 40-ton, precast concrete railway segments underneath them like a charm bracelet.

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