Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rolls Royce Desk Clock

Check out the lumpiness of the Spirit of Ecstasy on top of this c.1950 Rolls Royce Breitling desk clock.

It reminds me how, for the centennial celebration of the Spirit of Ecstasy, and because they can, since they now finally own the company and all the trademarks, BMW re-created the figure. Seems that after a hundred years of use and remaking, the molds used to create the wax originals of Charles Sykes' sculpture had gotten pretty rough.

There's a terribly moving PR film about the recarving titled--really? "The Graceful Little Goddess?--at--really?! Good grief. I hope they're just at the beginning of their branding do-over.

Lot 66515 BREITLING SILVER ROLLS ROYCE DESK CLOCK, CIRCA 1950 . Height 3-1/2 inches, current bid $4,000+premium [heritage auctions]