Friday, August 17, 2012

Bunny Yaeger's House

When you first discovered Betty Page, you were entranced by what a sexy, joyful model she was. Then came the 100 tattoos on greaser forearms, schlocky neo-men's magazines and licensed lunch boxes and it let all the magic out of it.

From Bunny Yaegar's archive/closet, there are a bunch of new photos of Page and her contemporaries. Once again, we are entranced by Page.

With the miracle of Google Street View, we see the headquarters for the Yaeger enterprise. A modest Florida concrete block cottage. Fresh perspective and quite inspiring. All that work, ambition and joy from that little cottage.

Bunny Yaeger's House, from the studio stamp (first image)

Don't you think this was taken from right inside those front cottage windows? Wouldn't it be cool to own the Bunny Yaeger house? Only worth $83,000.

Bunny Yaeger, self portrait